Learn the unknown facts about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and how to understand it!

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Learn the unknown facts about Obsessive Disorder and how to learn how to understand it!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder. It is classified with other such problems as panic attacks and phobias. Many famous individuals have suffered it, for example Howard Hughes. Tony Shalhoub has popularized it on his show {Monk). He shows many common compulsions such as fear of ggearms. However there are many different kinds of OCD. There are obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are thoughts that people cannot get out of their head. They are often shocking and embarrassing things that they never would do, such up as getting up and shouting in a movie theater to thoughts such as harming their children. They are very ashamed about these thoughts, and push them out of their head to relieve the anxiety. However, it becomes a vicious cycle and they perform compulsions to relieve their anxieties. Two of the most common are checking and washing. Sometimes, the patient will also enable their friends and relatives to help them. They might insist that their family changes their dirty clothes when they come in the door. There are less common rituals as hoarding and slowness(for example when they are eating a meal). Some people suffer from pure obsessions such as counting in their heads. They can never decide what is the perfect number is to count. Some people have obsessions and compulsions that they are even not aware of. In the past, OCD was thought to be a rare disorder and that they could not do about it. Now we have such drugs as Anafranil, a tricyclic antidepressant, andFluvoxamine and Prozac which are both Selective Serotonin Inhibitors. The tricyclic antidepressants, As well as this Cognitive Behavior Therapy can be utilized as well as Exposure Response Prevention Response. These may not be useful for all people. The most major treatment is brain surgery, butthis is onlu used when all other venues have been exhausted, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to restructure the clients ideas. Guided imagery and hypnosis it not usually helpful. Cognitive therapy is different for OCD patients, than those who suffer from depression. Exposure Response Prevention is very good for clints such as washers and checkers. In washers, they are exposed to escalating circumstances such as first touching dirt with their finger,. As they adjust to this situation, they move on to more difficult situations. People with OCD are not psychotic, They never act on their impulses. They know what is right and wrong. However, this still creates major anxiety. There are other options that the patient can try such as thought stopping and putting a rubber band on their wrist. In thought stopping, they try to delay their thoughts as long as possible, in baby steps. When they put a rubber band on their wrist they flick it when they have an obsessive thought. Some people need to take medication and others do not. It depends on the seriousness of the illness, and what side affects they encounter, I have heard from some people that Prozac makes them nauseated, When it first came out it was only in 20mg capsules. They then changedit to 10mg capsules, and now you can take liquid Prozac so you can only start taking 1-2 mg. Many people find it hard to live with OCD and need to learn new living skills and techniques. Many people attend support groups, where they can share their problems with others. Some may be maintained as a 12 step group, Professional experts and people who suffer from OCD my also attend. There are an increasing number of books about OCD, many written by suffers themselves. Pamphlets about OCD can be obtained from many places, for example the library. There are many conferences that people can attend. A couple of years ago there was one in Boston, which was led by the McLean's Hospital program. I toured the facilities. I remember that I was told not to take photographs. This is a residential program where people usually stay for 1-3 months. Many come from different states, such as Florida. This clinic has been found to be very effective. Many people who suffer with OCD, also suffer from a Major Depressive Disorder. This needs treatment too. Unfortunately, ECT is the worst option for OCD, which many are given. People with OCD are generally very circumstantial and feel like they need to fill up the silence. It does not help when their doctors just ignore them. People with OCD have problems with asking too many questions. They usually cannot wait until the end of the meeting to ask appropriate questions. They ofter interrupt . They feel that they need to fill up the silence. A new generation antipsychotic given by itself does not help OCD. The person is not psychotic. OCD is a very misaligned disease because many people do not understand the symptoms, unless they have friends or family afflicted with the disorder. Even hoarding is a kind of OCD,. We need to educate the community and the medical profession, even psychiatrists. People need to learn more about the symptoms and treatments. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is not useful for people, although many doctors believed that their problems were due to the Oedipus syndrome and faulty upbringing, There have been some hereditary studies done on OCD clients and their relatives, but more studies need to be completed. Children can also suffer from OCD, even though some of their symptoms may be different. It was once thought that children did not suffer from OCD. Some people began to suffer OCD after a strep throat. Hospitalization may be necessary ifthe symptoms are bad. Dr. Michael Jenike once wrote about a man who had a major hoarding problem. Many people ave useless things, but this is to an extreme. Sometimes, a person may not be able to enter the door and the house because there is so much clutter. Howard Hughes saved many useless things, such as his urine and feces in bottles in recent years. Many ancient figures have been known to suffer from OCD, such as Macbeth. It is a timeless disease, but it was not well recognized in the past. It is only recently that it has to come into play Learn the unknown facts about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and how to understand it.. Many novel drugs are being developed, and we would hope that they would be more effective than those we have used in the past. Many find drugs useful that have been used for other purposes, for example Namenda which is used for Alzheimers disorder. Many others turn to alternative medicines, such as vitamin and mineral supplements, Some find that massage or acupuncture useful. It depends on each person and their type of symptoms. Many people who suffer from OCD suffer from medical problems such as lupus. This is an auto immune disease similar to rheumatoid arthritis, where the good cells destroy the bad cells, but the other good cells as well. Many people with OCD are dismissed as having a somatoform disorder. There is a great deal of prejudice against people who suffer from a mental disablility, OCD is considered a biological disease, because damage in the brain can be found. Many parts are smaller or bigger than a control subject. Brain stimulation canbe used in some patients, but that is rather invasive. Some people with OCD will dress strangely not because they are hobos, but they have many rituals about what to wear. They may not like to wear other people's clothes because they are afraid of germs. They may not to like to wear clothes in which the button holes are even. They may only drink a specific kind of bottled water, even when there are only bottles of other brand. They are very detailed oriented and may notice other information that people have previously. They may notice irrelevant things such as what kinds of shoes their doctor is wearing. They may notice whether their doctor is wearing a tie or not. They may notice that their doctor's name is spelled wrongly on the door, when only about 20% of his other patients would notice that. They may feel the need to straighten people's clothes. Another problem that patients with OCD may suffer is the need to confess and ask for reassurance. They may discuss their intimate details and ask people to give them advice. Some people may be trained to ask less questions a day by giving them a certain number of tags. Everytime, they ask an inappropriate question, they have to hand in a tag. Some people go through their tags pretty fast! They may be allowed to speak for a certain time. People with OCD tend to talk all the time and cannot keep silent very easily.

People with other diseases may have some obsessive rituals. Some people with other illnesses such as bipolar illness and schizophrenia may have some ome obsessive rituals, for example going through the door many times to get it right. Many compulsions interfere with people's personal and social

aand social lives.

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